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Year 1945: Bragagnolo Antonio (father of Ferdinando and Oscar) with his cousins Severino, Gino and Roberto, founded the "FRATELLI BRAGAGNOLO" Company with butchering chickens activity, one of the first installations in Italy with semiautomatic manifacturing.

Year 1975: Bragagnolo Oscar and Ferdinando found the "POLLO OSCAR S.N.C." Company with chickens' manufacturing and trading.

Year 1981: "OSCAR TACCHINI S.R.L." company in constituted by Bragagnolo Ferdinando and Oscar. A new industrial complex grows, specializing in turkey's complete manifacturing.

The new and innovative OSCAR TACCHINI obtains the CEE IT 092S and IT 092F acknowledgements and opens its business to Europe and the rest of the world.